SM2 Capital Partners

SM2 Capital Partners (“SM2”) is a private, family-owned holding company that oversees the Ali Family Office and its related investments.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, SM2’s management team has been building companies together across Canada and the United States of America for over 50 years.

The primary companies include Steinbock Development Corporation Ltd., Prairie View Holdings Ltd., Fortress Insurance Company, Calgary Park and Jet Ltd. and Dover Gaming Management Ltd.

  • Since becoming joint venture partners with SM2 in 2019, I have had the pleasure to work alongside and observe the owners and executives. In every way they conduct themselves thoughtfully, ethically and with a tremendous discipline toward sound and collaborative decision making. I have no hesitation in recommending the people at SM2 to anyone who may be considering doing business with this organization. -Senator Scott Tannas, Chairman, Fortress Insurance Company.
  • I have had the privilege, over many decades, of working professionally with SM2 Capital Partners. In particular I have engaged on both a professional and personal basis with Founders, and Board Members of this highly respected group of Companies. In all respects and without qualification, I can speak to the integrity, trust, and creative entrepreneurship of SM2 and the talented group that compose their Management Team. What is particularly noteworthy, is their unwavering demonstration of value and ethics, all within an engaging spirit of openness and humility that is exemplified by the strong relationships that have been built with their Partners and Advisors over many years. -Brian Rogers, Legal Advisor & Counsel, McLeod Law LLP

  • To work with a company that treats their employees as family speaks to the values that lead SM2 in all of their actions and decisions. Being part of a team that focuses on working together in support of our customers drives us to aspire to excellence in all that we do.
    - Gurdeep K. Singh, General Manager of Budget Car & Truck Rental of Calgary

  • It’s so wonderful to be apart of an organization that always wants to do right by their Customers and Employees. While it would be easy to work for a different company to get a pay check - not just any company can create a culture to be courageous like SM2. This makes me excited to work everyday.
    -Margo Mylett, Corporate Account Executive

  • I’m delighted to hear that SM2 Capital Partners, now lead by Generation 2, continues to be rooted in a strong set of Core values, that the family and original Founders have lived by for so long. It has been my pleasure to know and work with the family. My best wishes as SM2 embarks on the next chapter of the Family Journey in N.America.
    -Dr. Kabir Jivraj, Co-Founder & Managing Director of AgeCare Investments

  • I have known the Ali family for over 20 years and recently invested alongside of SM2 Capital in our gaming and hospitality platform. The team at SM2 are a highly principled group who bring out the best in their staff and business partners, while achieving a high level of success in their investments.
    -Scott Mather, President, New Star Capital Inc.