Core Purpose: Our Business is Family

To us, “Family” means our employees, our customers, our stakeholders, our community, and our partners.

SM2 exists to solve the problems for our guests who need: a clean hotel room for a night or a month at the Regency Suites Hotel, to rent a car or a truck to get anywhere in our beautiful province from Budget Rent A Car, or to park their vehicle in a secure location at the Calgary International Airport at Park & Jet while they travel.

Ultimately, we are a family business that is proud to serve the Calgary community at large and in so many different aspects.

Our Core Values

BE COURAGEOUS. Ask tough questions. Take risks. Be bold. Be vulnerable. Share resources.
ASPIRE TO EXCELLENCE. Be great in everything that you do. Accept failures and learn the lessons. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.  
PEOPLE MATTER. We care and respect each other. We celebrate our differences and diversity.   
TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. We make problem solving a team sport.  
DO THE RIGHT THING. Go the extra mile, especially when no one is looking. Be personally accountable. Our values and ethics are above self-interest. No excuses. 
HUMILITY. Be caring and compassionate. Freely offer praise and recognition. Admit our mistakes. Never let personality or style get in the way of working well with others.